B19 Smoking B32 Male Smoker

Brainstrain Cards

B30 Vestlife B31 Ageing Rocker B33 Sex Cod B34 Rock Chick

1.95 each including post & packing.

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B20 Botox B21 Meeting B22 Storgasm B23 Fatkins B24 Senile

B1 Nap B3 Cheeks B4 Virginity B5 Overview B6 Hobbies

B7 Labels B8 Training B10 Management B11 Chips B12 Trousers
B13 Wear B14 Twiglets B15 Beer Belly B16 Hoopla B18 Face

B2 Remote
B9 Passions

B17 Feng Shui

All Brainstrain cards are 9"x5" (228 x 125mm). They are printed on 300 gsm cream, textured (feels good) board with lovely matching envelopes.